What does the phrase no taxation without representation mean?

The popular phrase "No Taxation Without Representation!" stems from during the times before the United States was founded by a man named James Otis. It was made popular during the turmoil before the American Revolutionary War that pitted the British Empire against the American Colonists. The phrase played a big part in the protests against British-made taxes and tariffs placed upon the colonists of the New World. The levied taxes and tariffs were so harsh that it pretty much robbed the people of their financial liberties. These protests sought to bring an end to such harsh taxation and to formulate a proper democracy to give more power to the people, and felt the British should not levy taxes on the colonists, since there is nobody able to represent them in government. Since there was nobody to represent them, they had no vote or word when it came to these taxing decisions, so it made a lot of colonists angry, and thus the popular phrase was created.

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