If someone lives in Florida and they wish to divorce someone who lives in Tennessee where should the

Divorce is a major thing to do in one's life. Often times it is very expensive and can take serious emotional, physical, and psychological tolls on you and the people around you. In the case where you are an individual who has separated from your spouse and are now living in Florida, but your spouse remains a resident in Tennessee, there are certain things you may want to consider. States have different divorce laws, so it is important to choose which state to file for divorce in. Legally you can file for divorce in either state you live in or your spouse lives in. This allows for forum shopping, which allows you to choose whichever state has more favorable divorce laws for your case. Some states are favorable towards women, while some are half and half. Some states favor the side that is best suited financially for custody purposes. So all in all, just do your homework on the divorce laws of either state.

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